A continuation

My last strand of hope for my pathetic excuse of a life was eviscerated yesterday, nearly as fast as it had the nerve to appear. Money does not grow on trees, nor will the payments required on a loan. Treatment is out of the question for me now, and the part of me that wants to live is..scared. The rest of me cannot help but wonder, if everything happens for a reason, is the reason that I cannot afford to get the help I need because I am SUPPOSED to die?

My hope is shattered..but I’m still surviving..for today.

~ by candyshele1204 on May 8, 2012.

6 Responses to “A continuation”

  1. No you are not supposed to die. We just need to put our heads together and think outside the box. So your tight arse insurance company won’t pay for this treatment what will they pay for? Is there a way to get you help on it under a different guise. Does it cover any mental illness? Can you check into anywhere under that heading where they can also address the eating issues. Same with the medical side of it are any of your physical symptoms severe enough to claim for their treatment. Would it alter with insurance if your docs referred you rather than you going voluntarily. I may never meet you in the flesh but your honesty has won our hearts and we aint giving up on you that easily

    • Thank you for the suggestions. After reading this, I emailed my outpatient clinic to see if there is any way around this. The lady that runs the place mentioned that some patients come under court-order. I’m going to try to figure out what all is involve in that today. My insurance doesn’t cover any mental health things, including psychiatric help. My weight and heart rate are both low enough that I could be admitted into the hospital..so maybe there’s some sort of loop-hole there. I won’t give up just yet. Thank you for caring and willing to help..

      • the worst comes to the worst we will set up a fb group and get a chipin set up thankfully here in the uk now on is refused treatment because they cant pay you might not be able to pick your treatment centre but you would get help i am really disgusted that the insurance comapny is happy to take your money then find a way to wriggle out of letting you use it.

      • I agree..it’s ridiculous how difficult it is to get help when you need it. That’s America for you.

  2. I keep praying for you. God is working on it.

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