A Un-Chronologically Organized List of a Few Things About Me(forgive the awkward layout..WP frustrates me)

10. My favorite color is green.
9. I could spend hours upon hours staring at a single painting in an art museum.
8. I have a major, major, major fear of water..
7. I have a colossal fondness for the 16-18th century eras. Especially from an English perspective.
6. Every town I visit, I absolutely must see its downstown. I am intrigued by architecture.
5. I love handmade crafts/presents.
4. I am really academically addicted to school and learning. I study 24/7..literally. I enjoy learning and challenging myself to achieve difficult standards. I am in the top 5 of my highschool class. Easy to do, I suppose, when you are an insomniac at heart. ( and yes, I must confess that I am secretly delighted by nerdy, cheesy humor.)

1. I like to make other people smile. So when my little sistersask to paint my face..I give in.(Christmas decorating with the family-2011)

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