Death-Hold on the Pain

Dark clouds of despair pervade the solemn skies

secret tears do cloud

once bright green eyes

blood-soaked blades bring their waves of shame

I know that it is I

who holds all the blame.

Caring souls whisper-ask but cannot ever tell:

“What remains of the girl?”

“We knew her so well.”

a pristine smile has vanished behind a porcelain guise

content fabricates the shell

while inside a souls dies.

Scars of self-realization do now flaw innocence

numb I have become

no longer feeling my own presence

too much that I am keeping all to myself

the pills pursue to kill

but they always will help.

Worried others all believe the excuses that I am feeding

‘for I cure all the questions

fabricate the eating

little do they know none of it holds the truth

actuality has convinced me

I’m nothing more than a spoof.

Alone in the dark goes a desperate search for help

fearing that I am unable

to save me from myself

a walking open wound I shall secretly remain

memory’s death-hold on the knife

ensues to drown me in the pain.

-March 24, 2012

~ by candyshele1204 on March 24, 2012.

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