Day 2: Here’s to Doing Something..

This morning, I actually did something for myself. I guess you could say that maybe it’s my first “positive” step in quite some time. Two things in one, rather. As I was getting dressed, I saw my reflection in the mirror..I finally was able to admit that I have a serious problem, or a few of them, and I need to focus on fixing myself and beginning to heal. So, I took the first step and broke up with my boyfriend. To most, that may sound selfish, or odd, but it was the right thing to do for both he and I. When it isn’t right, it isn’t right and we both concluded that a tremendous amount of my focus goes into the relationship, just like I do with school, in order to avoid dealing with my own issues. We ended it as friends, and I do hope we can continue on as that. Naturally, I am a little hurt, but I do sincerely believe this is something that will be beneficial in the long run. Granted, none of you probably really care about my breakage of relationship ties, but I felt it was something worth sharing.

~ by candyshele1204 on March 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day 2: Here’s to Doing Something..”

  1. it was worth sharing šŸ™‚

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